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Tomorrow may fall, today is already goneChristian Metalcore
Hatred, and persistence, destined to seeBlackened Death
We are the diseaseDeathcore
And I hear this callingMetalcore
This is a mother f***ing invitationGroove Metal
Now that the war is through with meThrash Metal
Tear me apart from the inside outMetalcore
I will remember before I forgetNu-Metal
Generals gathered in their massesTraditional Metal
Respect, walkGlam Metal
I've kissed the mouth of sinElectric Metalcore
I see your fire in the skyNu-Metalcore
Now I shall reign in bloodExtreme Thrash
Hey you, hey you, finally you get itAlternative Metal
It's...boner timeGrindcore
I thought you knew that I was crazyDeathcore
Wind, carry me homeProgressive Metal
Destroy all, destroy all or nothingMelodic Death Metal
Seek me, call me, I'll be waitingMetalcore
Trapped in this nightmare, I wish I'd wakeSpeed Metal
Behold the architectMetalcore
This is no hallucinationDeathcore
You are the salt that's burning my woundsChristian Metal
I don't give a flying f*ck mother f*ckerScandinavian Black Metal
We will never sleepDeathcore
Make them sufferGrindcore

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