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Term DefinitionsChapter 5 Terms
A cloud with its base at or very near the ground
Results from radiation cooling of the ground and adjacent air
Streamlike clouds spread into broad bands of clouds by the upper airflow
Fog formed when warm moist air is blown over a cool surface and chilled below the dew point
Fog created when air moves up a slope and cools adiabatically
Fog having the appearance of steam: produced by evaporation from a warm water surface into the cool air above
Fog formed when rain evaporates as it falls through a layer of cool air
Form of condensation consisting of small water drops on grass or other objects near the ground that forms when the surface temperature drops below the dew point
Term DefinitionsChapter 5 Terms
Ice crystals that form on surfaces instead of dew when the dew point is belowing freezing
Theory that relates the formation of precipitation to supercooled clouds, freezing nuclei, and the different saturation levels of ice and liquid water
The condition of water droplets that remain in the liquid state at temperatures well below 0 degrees Celsius
Solid particles that have a crystal form resembling that of ice
Theory of raindrop formation in warm clouds in which large cloud droplets collide and join together with smaller droplets to form a raindrop
Drops of water that fall from a cloud and have a diameter of at least 0.5 millimeter
Precipitation in the form of white or translucent ice crystals

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