Science Quiz / Orders of Fish (in English or Latin)

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Can you name the orders of fish with at least one living member?

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classorderextant species
jawless fishes43
jawless fishes20
cartilaginous fishes50
cartilaginous fishes9
cartilaginous fishes39
cartilaginous fishes16
cartilaginous fishes279
cartilaginous fishes5
cartilaginous fishes97
cartilaginous fishes16
cartilaginous fishes6
cartilaginous fishes69
cartilaginous fishes7
cartilaginous fishes1
cartilaginous fishes44
cartilaginous fishes267
cartilaginous fishes178
ray-finned fishes11
ray-finned fishes29
ray-finned fishes7
ray-finned fishes214
ray-finned fishes2
ray-finned fishes9
ray-finned fishes9
ray-finned fishes25
ray-finned fishes923
ray-finned fishes28
ray-finned fishes~300
ray-finned fishes31
ray-finned fishes3960
ray-finned fishes2001
ray-finned fishes~200
classorderextant species
ray-finned fishes3499
ray-finned fishes~200
ray-finned fishes210
ray-finned fishes10
ray-finned fishes90
ray-finned fishes12
ray-finned fishes321
ray-finned fishes~230
ray-finned fishes241
ray-finned fishes23
ray-finned fishes5
ray-finned fishes9
ray-finned fishes69
ray-finned fishes330
ray-finned fishes474
ray-finned fishes354
ray-finned fishes72
ray-finned fishes386
ray-finned fishes186
ray-finned fishes45
ray-finned fishes1457
ray-finned fishes219
ray-finned fishes40
ray-finned fishes~10,000
ray-finned fishes342
ray-finned fishes99
ray-finned fishes~360
ray-finned fishes774
ray-finned fishes1577
lobe-finned fishes2
lobe-finned fishes1
lobe-finned fishes5

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