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Can you name the aircraft that you can fly in Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War?

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1athe plane in which you start the game
1badvanced, export version of 1a
1cexperimental variation on 1a
2aSoviet; looks like a flying tube
2bupgraded 2a
3aUSAF's 'flying bathtub'
3b3a variant for hunting SAM installations
3cproposed high performance 3a
4along-retired, carrier-based attacker
4belectronic warfare version of 4a
5aUSAF stalwart for many years
5bminor variant on 5a
5cdelta-wing version of 5a
5dJapanese upgrade to 5a
6acarrier-based multirole plane
6bupgraded 6a
6celectronic warfare version of 6a
7aFrench fighter
7bground attack version of 7a
8Soviet fighter
9aUSAF's tank killer
9bnight/foul weather version of 9a
10acarrier-based air superiority fighter
10bground attack version of 10a
10cupgraded 10a
11aEuropean fighter
11bupgraded 11a
11cInterceptor version of 11a
11delectronic warfare version of 11a
12athe fastest plane in the game...
12b... except for this upgrade, maybe
13aUSAF air superiority fighter
13bground attack version of 13a
13cthrust-vectoring upgraded 13a
14ahighly maneuverable Soviet fighter
14bground attack version of 14a
14csuper-maneuverable upgraded 14a
14dthrust-vectoring upgraded 14c
15USAF secret (sort of) for years
16Swedish fighter
17European fighter
18aFrench, carrier-based fighter
18bground attack version of 18a
19today's US Navy workhorse
20prototype; USAF chose 21a instead
21agreat USAF fighter (when it has fuel)
21bground attack version of 21b
22asuper-maneuverable Russian fighter
22bin reality, the same plane as 22a
23prototype Russian strike fighter
24British trainer
25cool plane — doesn't exist, but cool
26'Shall we play a game?'

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