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Forced Order
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SentenceVocab Word
In 1948 South Africa's government enacted a series of laws formally classifying non-whites as second-class citizens
The KhoiKhoi (or Khoekhoe) people were the ______________ group encountered by the first Dutch settlers
An offensive label for the Khoikhoi and other native groups
A South African of Dutch descent
One of the two independent Boer Republics founded after the British took control of South Africa in the early 19th century. The OTHER Boer Republic was the Orange Free State.
The people who founded the Boer Republics were known as...
The leader of the answer to #6
The language spoken by the Boers; evolved from the Dutch language
The South African leader who was elected in 1948 and whose government started the answer to #1
As a result of the answer to #1, many black South Africans were forced to live in these. They were areas designated as 'homelands' for Africans and were outside of cities
The name of the colony where the Dutch first settled

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