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Can you name the jersey numbers of the following current big league stars?

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Peyton Manning
Kobe Bryant
Derek Jeter
LeBron James
Joe Mauer
Alex Ovechkin
Eli Manning
Carmelo Anthony
Adrian Peterson
Miguel Cabrera
Dwight Howard
Robert Griffin III
J.J. Watt
Sidney Crosby
Aaron Rodgers
Steve Nash
Mariano Rivera
Jared Allen
Kevin Durant
Philip Rivers
Hanley Ramirez
Larry Fitzgerald
Dirk Nowitzki
Arian Foster
Pau Gasol
Patrick Willis
Derrick Rose
Chris Davis
Troy Polamalu
Andre Johnson
Stephen Strasburg
Miles Austin
Ray Allen
Evgeni Malkin
Maurice Jones-Drew
Evan Longoria
Julius Peppers
David Wright
Patrick Kane
Deron Williams
Darrelle Revis
Josh Hamilton
Marshawn Lynch
James Harden
Martin Brodeur
Manu Ginobili
Prince Fielder
Jarome Iginla
Zach Parise
Jose Bautista
Tony Parker
Jimmy Graham
Steven Jackson
Greg Jennings
Clayton Kershaw
Kevin Love
Russell Westbrook
Calvin Johnson
Dustin Pedroia
Steven Stamkos

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