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Can you name the Harry Potter Characters from A-Z??

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A - Death Eater
B - Killed by Devil's Snare in the 5th book
C - Ministry of Magic employee, impersonated by Ron in the 7th book
D - Preceded Dumbledore as Headmaster at Hogwarts
F - Diagon Alley ice cream shop owner
G - Wandmaker
H - Descendent of Helga Hufflepuff, murdered by Tom Riddle
I - Hogwarts Librarian
J - Lost in Albania, murdered by Voldemort
K - House elf serving the Most Noble House of Black
L - Renowned beater for the Wimbourne Wasps
M - Voldemort's Mother
N - Metamorphmagus
O - Teased Moaning Myrtle at school
P - Order of the Phoenix member, arrested for attempted break-in at the Dept. of Mysteries
Q - Book 1 antagonist
R - Ministry of Magic worker, impersonated by Harry in the 7th book
S - Obnoxious knight portrait at Hogwarts
T - Accompanied Harry, Hermione and Ron into Gringotts in the 7th book
U - Toad
V - Arithmancy professor at Hogwarts
W - Mrs. Weasley's favorite singer on the Wizarding Wireless Network
X - First name of the murderer of Sirius Black.....backwards
Y - Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement in the 7th book
Z - Fellow Slytherin of Malfoy

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