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Cut the face off of a CPR dummy
Has a part in the play 'Sweeney Todd'
Was on the jury of the Scranton strangler
Worked in Florida as the assistant to and elderly woman
Created the rabies fun run
Bought a ring a week after they started dating their future wife
Got an actor to pose as their Asian self
Is thought to have a mental disability by Holly
Married a gay man
Has an on-off relationship with Ryan
Has scoliosis
Was hit by Michael's car
Is a fan of bears, beets, and battlestar galactica
Isn't really a part of the Dunder Mifflin family or his own family
Started as a temp and worked their way up into corporate
Strived to do a cartwheel
Broke off to start their own paper company
Intentionally got a client to file a complaint about them
Was able to convince Michael to fire someone else over him
Puts Dwight's stapler in Jello
Had an affair with the Senator
Goes away to Costa Rica
Owns a beet farm
Catches Dwight and Angela having sex in the office
Was the last remaining Stamford member new to Scranton
Is the 'secret weapon' of the Office basketball team
Has their mural vandalized
Wins the gold medal in Flonkerton
Starred as Goldenface in 'Threat Level Midnight'
Killed a fish with a basketball shot
Punched a hole in the wall twice
Was kissed unwillingly by Michael Scott
Shaved her head due to her lice
Dresses up as Belsnickel on Christmas
Wrote the film 'Threat Level Midnight'
Dates Gabe
Failed on their promise to send underprivileged children to college
Married Bob Vance: Vance Refrigeration
Is known as 'The business bitch'
Dropped the chili
Helps wash up Dwight's Aunt Shirley
Drives Michael and Holly to Nashua
Went on a sailing trip for 3 months
Debated with Michael about China
Unknowingly started the fire
Was not able to realize that the others had changed their apple for a potato
Dressed up as Charlie Chaplin at a job where no one dresses up for Halloween
Had a heart attack
Has a mustache

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