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'_________ Gilmore's Eyes' by the Adverts
'_________'s Song' by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
'_________ is a Dyke' by Wire
'Little _________ Jewel' by Television
'Suburban _________' by Magazine
'_________ the Stripper' by The Birthday Party
'_________'s Distress' by Christian Death
'Bazooka _________' by Big Black
'Making Plans for _________' by XTC
'_________'s Phase' by Chameleons
'_________ Sometimes' by The Cure
'Saint _________ Dance' by Bauhaus
'Dagenham _________' by Stranglers
'Headache for _________' by Au Pairs
'_________ Fordsdale' by Mars
'_________ the Doorbell' by Sods
'_________'s Lips' by Vaselines
'Mad, Mad _________' by Buzzcocks
'No Xmas for _________ Quays' by The Fall
'Pictures of _________' by Josef K
'Dear _________' by Siouxsie and the Banshees
'Dead _________' by Big Black
'_________ Leaps In' by The Monochrome Set
'I am _________ Suzuki' by The Fall
'_________'s Gin' by The Human League
'_________'s Having Her Brain Out' by The Soft Boys
'Read About _________' by Swell Maps
'_________ Lugosi's Dead' by Bauhaus
'_________ 83' by Alan Vega
'_________ vom Jupiter' by Die Doraus und die Marinas
'_________'s House' by The Psychedelic Furs
'_________'s Ghost' by Crispy Ambulance
'_________'s Son' by Pixies
'_________ Brown' by Cabaret Voltaire
'Goodbye _________' by The Monochrome Set
'Ask for _________' by The dB's
'_________ Take a Bow' by Smiths
'Lord _________ White and the Bottleneck Train' by Orange Juice
'The Ballad of _________ Eye' by The Jasmine Minks
'Fiery _________' by The Fall
'Mommy, _________, and Me' by MX-80 Sound
'_________ (He's No Rebel)' by Mo-dettes
'Like _________ Khaled Said' by The Teardrop Explodes
'To _________' by Eyeless in Gaza
'_________ Wheeler's Birthday Present' by The Jazz Butcher
'Big _________'s Used Farms' by Pere Ubu
'_________ Teardrop' by Suicide
'_________'s Show Lies' by Josef K
'_________ the Dink' by Martha and the Muffins
'_________ is Dead' by The Fall
'_________'s List' by Pink Section
'_________'s Strange' by The Psychedelic Furs
'_________ Jazz' by The Clash
'The Death and Resurrection of _________ Gloom' by The Gadgets
'Who Killed _________?' by Misfits
'We Love _________' by Virgin Prunes
'Dizzy Miss _________' by Flying Lizards
'This World of _________' by New Musik
'Where's _________?' by Maximum Joy
'_________, Mother Earth' by Swans
'For _________' by Eyeless in Gaza
'Don't Fight It, _________, It's Bigger Than Both of Us' by Blam Blam Blam
'_________ Massacre' by Public Image Ltd.
'_________ the Lizard' by Death in June
'Catholic Sex (For _________)' by Throbbing Gristle
'This is _________' by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
'I'm _________' by The Fall
'Stand Down _________' by The Beat
'I Know Where _________ Barrett Lives' by Television Personalities
'_________ is Dead' by Pixies
'Uncle _________'s Lonely World' by Virgin Prunes
'_________'s Room' by Wasted Youth
'_________ (Can You Hear Me?) by The Comsat Angels
'_________, King of the Detectives' by Big Black
'Telegram _________' by Bauhaus
'_________ Waite Sez' by The Fall
' A Fruit Picking Fantasy (The Time _________ Diddley Came to Evesham)' by The Dancing Did
'_________ Had a Hat' by Pere Ubu
'Just Like _________ Page' by The Jazz Butcher
'_________ and _________' by MX-80 Sound
'_________'s Babies' by Lloyd Cole and the Commotions
'The Weird, Wild, and Wonderful World of _________ Potts' by The Monochrome Set
'_________ (I Wish I Was a Postcard)' by Orange Juice
'_________'s in Fragments' by Crispy Ambulance
'Jolly _________' by Adam and The Ants
'_________ Property Girl' by The Associates
'_________ Eiffel' by Pixies
'_________'s Song' by The Fall
'_________'s Song' by Y Pants
'_________ Whitehouse' by Adicts
'_________ Mouse is Dead' by Subhumans
'_________ S. Pulaski Day' by Big Black
'_________'s Loving Boy' by Marquis de Sade
'_________ (Isn't Playing)' by Sad Lovers & Giants
'_________, It Was Really Nothing' by Smiths
'The Ballad of _________ Noryb' by The Verlaines
'_________ of Ireland' by The Fates
'_________ Dare' by Mekons
'_________ Whale' by Tuxedomoon
'_________'s Head' by Kleenex

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