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Can you name the One Tree Hill Characters over the years?

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Basketballer turned Agent
Singer and mother of two
Clothes designer
Sports news anchor
Former car salesman; Murder of his brother
Best selling author
Created Red Bedroom Records
Once tried to kill her ex-husband
Basketball coach to children
Basketball coach to high schoolers
Boy genius
Assistant turned Model
Movie producer
Owns her own Cafe
Model turned Television producer
Sports agent
Former owner of Clothes Over Bro's
Enjoys hanging around the river court
Enjoys playing video games
Pizza delivery guy
Clothing store assistant; former cheerleader
Annoying child
Did anything to get a job for money for his daughter
Foster child
Adult class lecturer
Highschool principle
Highschool basketballer who passed away
Shy sports announcer
Book editor
High school musician, known for his arrogance
Spelling bee champion
Barmen and Slamball player
Tennis player
Deceased widdow
Worked on a movie with his son
B league basketball coach
Tried to take down Red Bedroom records
Was incharge of Clothes Over Bro's mens line
Went out with his neighbour
Went out with a boy before revealing being lesbian
Worked at a news company
Barman with a very special gift
Was hired to break someones heart
Kidnapped her daughter
Helped create the compilation C.D Friends with benefit
His older brother passed away
Highschool cheerleader
Slept with her sisters husband before they were married
Was known as a psycho
Lied about having a celebrities baby
Arrogant actor
Irish Singers
Married one sister and dated another
He is named after an alcohol
Overly strict college professor
Worked on boats
Racing driver
Created Clean Teens
Played B League basketball
Worked in the marines
Was a betting man
Was an evil guys associate
Former class president
Died visiting her three daughters
B league basketballer
British girl
Brought a gun into school
Arrogant musician
Arrogant model
Highschool teacher
Future NFL Prospect
Saw a murder
Guitarist in world wide famous band
Was born after her father died
Was named after both her parents

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