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Can you name the answers to the following A Team trivia questions?

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Forced Order
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George Peppard characterEasy
Mr T characterEasy
Dirk Benedict characterEasy
Dwight Schultz characterEasy
War they fought inEasy
Name one of their Female helpersEasy
Name a Colonel who chased themEasy
Fear Mr T's character hadEasy
Name either of the shows creatorsEasy
Number of seasons show ran forEasy
The crime they didnt commit?Medium
Which wrestler appeared in 2 episodes as himself?Medium
Which gameshow did Murdock appear on?Medium
(Main) monster played by HannibalMedium
Teams 'contact' at the chinese laundryMedium
Name of the first episodeMedium
Which Team member was shot in the 'final' episode 'Without Reservations'Medium
Murdocks invisible Dogs name?Medium
BAs childhood nicknameMedium
Colonel who ordered the crime they didnt commit?Medium
Name of the narrator '10 years ago a crack commando...'Hard
Which maximum security stockade did they escape from?Hard
Murdocks lobsterHard
What was written on Murdocks T shirt in the 'final' episode?Hard
Where would you see 'Da Nang 1970' written?Hard
Ba and Murdocks blood typeHard
Quarterback guest star as 'TJ' in episode 'Quaterback Sneak'Hard
Number of episodes madeHard
Faces real name Hard
BA's mothers home cityHard

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