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Can you name the name the movies with 1 letter words in title?

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Alien does a macgyver and makes phone from speak and spell toy
Will Smith practices golf driving 'alone' with his dog
Bon Jovi, in a submarine, during the war
Bush the movie
Clooney on the run
Leaving messages for your girlfriend after you die is romantic?
Kevin Spacey eats a banana
Poor Roland Emmerich movie with little or no plot
Steve Martin dates Sarah Jessica Parker (really?)
Mike Myers in deep water?
Five For Feud
Hitchcock calls 6
Edward Norton does time after his truck is stolen
A rare thing the film before the TV show, just what the doctor ordered
Demi Moore movie where she has less hair than Bruce Willis
Hard hitting political drama about mutants in education?
David Duchovny sci fi flick that had mixed reviews (no not Evolution)
Guinea Pigs working for FBI

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