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Can you name the Strictly Come Dancing (UK) Contestants?

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seriescelebritypro dancer
1Brendan Cole
1Hanna Karttunen
1Anton Du Beke
1Erin Boag
1John Byrnes
1Paul Killick
1Camilla Dallerup
1Kylie Jones
2Darren Bennett
2Ian Waite
2Erin Boag
2Lilia Kopylova
2Camilla Dallerup
2Brendan Cole
2Nicole Cutler
2Anton Du Beke
2Paul Killick
2Hazel Newberry
3Lilia Kopylova
3Erin Boag
3Ian Waite
3Camilla Dallerup
3Anton Du Beke
3Karen Hardy
3Hanna Haarala
3Izabela Hannah
3Brendan Cole
3Darren Bennett
3Andrew Cuerden
3Matthew Cutler
4Karen Hardy
4Lilia Kopylova
4Darren Bennett
4Vincent Simone
4Matthew Cutler
4Brendan Cole
4Erin Boag
4Camilla Dallerup
4Anton Du Beke
4James Jordan
4Ola Jordan
4Ian Waite
4Flavia Cacace
4Nicole Cutler
5Matthew Cutler
5Flavia Cacace
5Camilla Dallerup
5Darren Bennett
5Ola Jordan
5Brendan Cole
5Nicole Cutler
5Anton Du Beke
5Ian Waite
5Lilia Kopylova
5James Jordan
5Erin Boag
5Vincent Simone
5Karen Hardy
6Camilla Dallerup
6Vincent Simone
6Brendan Cole
6Erin Boag
6Matthew Cutler
6Ian Waite
seriescelebritypro dancer
6Kristina Rihanoff
6James Jordan
6Brian Fortuna
6Ola Jordan
6Hayley Holt
6Lilia Kopylova
6Darren Bennett
6Karen Hardy
6Anton Du Beke
6Flavia Cacace
7Ola Jordan
7Natalie Lowe
7Brian Fortuna
7Anton Du Beke
7Vincent Simone
7Erin Boag
7Ian Waite
7Katya Virshilas
7Flavia Cacace
7James Jordan
7Brendan Cole
7Kristina Rihanoff
7Darren Bennett
7Aliona Vilani
7Lilia Kopylova
7Matthew Cutler
8Artem Chigvintsev
8Aliona Vilani
8James Jordan
8Natalie Lowe
8Katya Virshilas
8Anton Du Beke
8Robin Windsor
8Vincent Simone
8Brendan Cole
8Flavia Cacace
8Jared Murillo
8Erin Boag
8Ola Jordan
8Kristina Rihanoff
9Aliona Vilani
9Paska Kovalev
9Kristina Rhianoff
9Artem Chigvintsev
9James Jordan
9Ola Jordan
9Robin Windsor
9Flavia Cacace
9Natalie Lowe
9Brendan Cole
9Anton Du Beke
9Erin Boag
9Katya Virshilas
9Vincent Simone
10Flavia Cacace
10Pasha Kovalev
10James Jordan
10Vincent Simone
10Robin Windsor
10Karen Hauer
10Natalie Lowe
10Brendan Cole
10Erin Boag
10Artem Chigvintsev
seriescelebritypro dancer
10Kristina Rhianoff
10Ola Jordan
10Anton Du Beke
10Ives Lukosiute
11Aljaz Skorjanec
11Artem Chigvintsev
11Kevin Clifton
11Brendan Cole
11Anya Garnis
11Ola Jordan
11Ives Lukosiute
11Kristina Rhianoff
11Anton Du Beke
11Karen Hauer
11Pasha Kovalev
11Robin Windsor
11Janette Manrara
11James Jordan
11Aliona Vilani
12Pasha Kovalev
12Kevin Clifton
12Kristina rhianoff
12Karen Hauer
12Janette Manrara
12Trent Whiddon
12Brendan Cole
12Ola Jordan
12Anton Du Beke
12Aljaz Skorjanec
12Joanne Clifton
12Ives Lukosiute
12Natalie Lowe
12Tristan MacManus
12Aliona Vilani
13Aliona Vilani
13Giovanni Pernice
13Kevin Clifton
13Anton Du Beke
13Gleb Savchenko
13Aljaz Skorjanec
13Janette Manrara
13Tristan MacManus
13Karen Clifton
13Pasha Kovalev
13Brendan Cole
13Natalie Lowe
13Kristina Rhianoff
13Oti Mabuse
13Ola Jordan
14Joanne Clifton
14Kevin Clifton
14Oti Mabuse
14AJ Pritchard
14Oksana Platero
14Katya Jones
14Natalie Lowe
14Aljaz Skorjanec
14Giovanni Pernice
14Brendan Cole
14Anton Du Beke
14Pasha Kovalev
14Gorka Marquez
14Karen Clifton
14Janette Manrara

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