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Lan networks are confined to a geographical area such as a building or _____ campus.
In an ethernet protocol, computer sends ___ only if the network is clear.
The way computers are connected together is called a ________.
Resource _______ is one advantage of being part of a network.
The internet is an example of a ____ network.
The physical components, organisation and configuration of a network is knows as it's ________.
Wan combine ____ networks through phone lines or satellite.
It is important on a network that there is ________ between computers on a network, which can be created using special cables.
A _____/______ architecture, tasks are distributed between server and client.
special communication processors called Network _______ cards (NIC) allow two nodes to communicate
A network also provides ________ so important data can be 'backed up.'
An ____ ____-____ protocol makes the network in the form of a ring and sends a token around the network which will be filled with data by a computer.
There are 2 types of network known as ___ and ____.
A computer that facilitates sharing of data, software and hardware is called a _______.
___-_-___ architecture distributes tasks evenly amongst peers who are all equally privileged.
file servers,printers and computers on a network can be called ____.
A computer attached to a network is called ________.
In a typical LAN configuration, one computer is set up as the ____ server.
the ______ protocol is used by Lan networks for star and bus networks.
An ______ is a private network used within an organisation such as a school or business.
A network allows ____ communication such as email which is another great example
The set of rules a computer must follow on a network is called a ______.
A computer network is a system in which several _________ are connected so information and resources can be shared
The _______ is a global network, consisting of computers across the world sharing information.

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