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Can you name the TG nutcases??

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Teacher clues
Head Toad (Not Mrs Bexton-Smith!)
Australian Loony
Tennis Addict
'Errrrr, you shouldn't be in here!'
Mr Wua-wua-wua-wua
Brussel Sprouts
Ex-teacher, mad scientist
And just for the laugh.... An assassin on the last day of school (no, he's not a teacher)
Spotty Freak
Fat Bitch
Teacher clues
Lee the gay mongole
GOOD GOD! I can't seem to win at Call of Duty!
McDonalds Happy Meal
She's as big as a lunar lander
Female Midget
Chinese Mongole
Irish ****
Stupid Cow
Head Retard (this time it really is the head)
Donald Duck
Sandal Witch
Ginger Dwarf
Gay Boy
Just a plain retard who should go and die!

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