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QuestionAnswerEpisode Title
Charlie's favorite foodThe Waitress is Getting Married
Dennis's grandfather was a......The Gang Finds a Dead Guy
Frank's reason for going to VietnamCharlie Goes all America over Everybody's Ass
Fake Donovan Mcnabb suggested this Mcdonalds breakfast itemThe Gang gets Invincible
Why do Mac and Charlie demand that Dennis and Dee both name their first born child Murphy?Mac and Charlie Die
What kind of car did Mac and Charlie steal from Dee to destroy?Mac and Charlie Die
How much money did Mac, Charlie, and Dennis want to borrow to buy gasoline?The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis
What did Dennis's mom leave for him in her will?Dennis and Dee's mom is dead
Why did Frank want to play the part of the troll naked?The Nightman Cometh
Who pooped the bed?Who Pooped the Bed
QuestionAnswerEpisode Title
Dee bought this when she first went on unemploymentDennis and Dee go on Welfare
The mob gave Mac this nicknameThe Gang Gets Whacked
Frank's idea for the name of the band he was forming with Mac and CharlieSweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person
Who tipped Charlie off about Pepe Silvia?Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack
Why does Charlie collect change from the fountain?Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life
Frank uses this as the prototype for his stress ballPaddy's Pub: Home of the Original Kitten Mittens
According to Dennis, Mac only works out this kind of muscleThe World Series Defense
The name of the basketball team Mac and Dee coachedThe Gang Gives Back
Charlie thought the door marked 'private' actually said.....The Gang Solves the North Korean Situation
Frank fed this to Charlie and Dee, claiming it was human meatMac and Dennis- Manhunters

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