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Forced Order
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This character has a sister named Rachel
This character was mistakenly shot and killed by Ana Lucia
This character was supposedly in a coffin aboard Oceanic 815
This character killed Anthony Cooper
This character's father was a fisherman
This character was a flight attendent on Oceanic 815
This character isn't supposed to eat chocolate before dinner
This character doesn't like to be told what he can't do
This character was the first to arrive on the island after the oceanic 815 survivors (Other than the mysterious arrival of Anthony Cooper)
This character's name is an anagram for 'Other Man'
This character fell for 'the old wookie prisoner gag'
This character is Christian Shephard's daughter
Ths smoke monster took the form of this character to convince Ben to follow 'Locke'
This character congratulated Sawyer for winning a fish biscuit
This character wears an eye patch
This character delivered Claire's baby
This character was killed by his mother
This character ordered Ben to kill Danielle and Alex
This character wrote a script for The Empire Strikes Back before it was released
This character met Jack and Libby before coming to the island
This character was referred to as 'Chachi' by Sawyer
This character said, 'We aren't going to Guam, are we?'
This character bought a controlling interest in Paik Heavy Industires
This character claimed that his name was Henry Gale
This character drove Locke around when he was trying to convince the oceanic six to come back to the island
These two characters were buried alive
This character traveled to Australia with Christian Shephard
This character wrote 'Not Penny's Boat' on his hand before drowning
This character did not believe 'Henry Gale' because if he had really burried his wife, he would have remembered how deep he dug the grave
This character burned the first raft
This character was in the tail section bathroom of Oceanic 815 when it crashed
This character was a patient at Santa Rosa before coming to the island (not Hurley)
This character discovered the hatch with Locke
This character was a ninth grade science teacher before coming to the island
This character forced Sayid to go on Ajira 316
This character was the last character to be seen in the season 2 finale
This character used the alias, Kevin Johnson
This character told Locke that he was going to have to die
This character is Ethan's father
This character arrived on the island 16 years before Oceanic 815 crashed
This character saw himself as a baby
This character healed from fatal cancer after arriving on the island
This character carries around a jesus stick
This character's last words before being killed are, 'They're Coming'
This character was the first character shown in the pilot episode

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