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AWhat soap opera does Calculon star in?
BWho is the lead chemistry professor at Globetrotter University?
CWhat is Fry's superhero name?
DAccording to the nibblonians, what band doesn't rock?
EThis is a very popular TV show in the year 3000
FThis robot is a bending unit from the same assembly line as bender
GWhat kind of food is Hedonismbot constantly eating?
HThere are two Phillip J Fry's. One is from Earth. Where is the other from?
IWhen Bender's brain is removed and mailed to the central beurocracy, he is only able to say what phrase?
JWho voices Bender?
KWhat is the name of Amy's boyfriend for much of the series?
LFry downloads the personality of which celebrity into a robot?
MWhat is the news-monster's name?
NFuturama takes place in what city?
OLrrr is the ruler of what planet?
PWhen Fry first eats these, he says that they are like sex…..except that he is having them
QLeela and Fry were both almost killed by one of these in 'The Sting'
RDan Castellaneta voices this character
SWhen Fry infultrates the infosphere,what vehicle did the Niblonians give him to outrun the blast
TWhat is Leela's first name?
UThe Prefessor was upset when he realized he was only 53 years old because he would need a fake ID to rent what?
VWhat planet did Leela find Nibbler on?
WWho is the Professor's nemesis? (last name only)
XJohn Goodman voices Robot Santa in which episode?
YWhat is the name of Fry's brother?
ZAccording to Zapp Brannigan, who is the man with no name?

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