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QuestionAnswerAs (first) Seen in Season:
Who did Hurley first hear the numbers from?1
Where did Hurley first hear the numbers?1
Where was Hurley working at the time that he won the lottery?1
Hurley discovered that this character was not on the plane.1
What did Hurley build/create as a form of recreation for the castaways?1
What is the name of Hurley's (and Locke's) boss, who then worked for him in the Flash Sideways?1
What is Hurley's mother's name?1
Complete Hurley's quote: 'Dude, You've got some _______ on you'1
Who discovered Hurley's secret stash of food?2
What is the name of Hurley's imaginary friend?2
QuestionAnswerAs (first) Seen in Season:
Sawyer had to refrain from using nicknames for a week because Hurley beat him at what game?3
What was Hurley's murder weapon used for killing Ryan Price at the beach?3
Hurley was very upset with Sawyer for killing this character at the beach after he had surrendered3
Hurley supposedly played chess at the mental hospital with which dead character?5
After being released from prison, Hurley shared a cab with which character?5
What was Hurley's job with the Dharma Initiative?5
In 1977, Hurley wrote a script with creative changes for which movie before it had been released?5
Hurley was candidate number _____ 6
Who told Hurley that the whispers are made by dead souls who are unable to move on?6
In the Flash Sideways, Hurley said to his mother that he was receiving a reward from which charity?6: Hint: This was a reference to a charity made up by George Costanza

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