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DefinitionLatin VerbWhy take the Dative?
to yieldto give way TO , to step aside FOR
to believeto give credence TO, to have trust FOR
to trustto give trust TO, to have trust FOR
to distrustnot to give trust TO, not to have trust FOR
to pleaseto give pleasure TO, to create pleasure FOR
to displeasenot to give pleasure TO, not to create pleasure FOR
to favorto give favor TO, to show favor FOR
to pardonto give pardon TO, to grant pardon FOR
to orderto give a command TO, to issue an order FOR
DefinitionLatin VerbWhy take the Dative?
to harmto do harm TO, to cause harm FOR
to spareto have mercy FOR, to be lenient TO
to obeyto be obedient TO, to show obedience FOR
to persuadeto be convincing TO, to offer persuasion FOR
to resistto be resistant TO, to offer resistance FOR
to answerto respond TO, to have an answer FOR
to serveto give service TO, to be a slave FOR
to supportto give support TO, to have enthusiasm FOR

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