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Can you name the 100 'Core bands from a variety of Sub Genres?

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Song Title Band
Early Grave
Pray For Plagues
Dogs Can Grow Bears All Over
Bludgeoned To Death
A Single Moment of Sincerity
Arms of the Messiah
Stick Stickly
Those in Glass Houses
Guys Like You Make us Look Bad
Battle Royale
Back Burner
Faith Or Forgiveness
Brother's In Arms
Drown The City
If We Were a Sinking Ship
94 Hours
This Year Summer Ended in June
When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong
Escape These Walls
Lie to my Face
This is Exile
Whoa! Shut it Down
District of Misery
Day of Mourning
This is More
Welcome to Sludge City
Milk Lizard
Jay Walking Backwards
Go Greyhound
The Surge
The Danger in Starting a Fire
Song Title Band
Red Wedding
Tastes Like Kevin Bacon
The Conformist
Robots 3 Humans 0
Vices Like Vipers
You're Lucky it's Not 1692
Don't Fail Me Darko
In Dying Days
A Call to The Faithful
The Fear in Your Eyes
When Everything Falls
Stay Captive
Kill to Believe
Zombie Autopilot
Scream Aim Fire
The End of Heartache
House of Straw
Show Me What You Got
Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die
We Can Take the PPG
Ignorance Never Dies
Sharks in Your Mouth
The Valentines Day Massacre
First We Feast, Then We Felony
An Autopsy
Century II
Bow Down
Decimate The Weak
It's Not Safe to Swim Down
Fingers Like Daggers
Society's Disposable Man
Song Title Band
The Manifest
Heroes (Alive In Us Yet)
There's a Bat
Purging of The Weekend
The Bloodening
Function! Function!
The Taste of Regret
Most of us Are Nocturnal
Dragon Pie
Too Scared to Live
A Dozen Black Roses
I Love Turbulence
Jane Doe
Giants in The Ocean
Boom Snap Clap
Castration Rite
Rotten Yellow
Hung From The Rising Sun
Birth of Ignorance
Belief in God is so Adorable
Blessed Burden
Fighting Wars With Keyboards
My 42nd Ego
Piano Lessons Can Be Murder

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