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Fairy Tail
Fire Dragon Slayer 
Celestial Wizard; has 10 Golden Gate Keys 
Ice-Make Wizard, later Ice Devil Slayer 
Requip Mage, Titania, and S-Class Wizard 
Blue exceed, fire dragon slayer's companion 
Water Wizard 
Iron Dragon Slayer 
Letter Magic (Western Solid Script) 
Iron Dragon Slayer's companion, formerly First Battalion Commander of Edolas' Royal Army; Black Exceed 
Sky Dragon Slayer 
White exceed, sky dragon slayer's companion, and daughter of Queen Chagot (obviously) 
3rd, 6th, and 8th Guild Master 
Lightning Dragon Slayer, S-Class Wizard, Youngest in the Dreyar family 
S-Class Wizard, Eldest Strauss Sibling, Satan Soul User 
Beast Soul User, Only 'man' in the Strauss Siblings 
Animal Soul User, Youngest Strauss Sibling, and Natsu's childhood sweetheart 
Team Shadow Gear's Fastest 
Team Shadow Gear's Plant User 
Celestial Spirit
Gate of the Lion, still a FT member 
Gate of the Ram 
Gate of the Water Bearer 
Gate of the Sea Goat 
Gate of the Archer/Centaur 
Gate of the Balance 
Gate of the Golden Bull 
Gate of the Two Fish 
Gate of the Giant Crab 
Gate of the Maiden 
Gate of the Scorpion 
Gate of the Twins 
The Fireball 
'Scary Lucy' 
Fairy Hunter 
Overclothed, obsessed with Juvia 
As tense as Gray Fullbuster, Water User 
The Prince/King of Edolas, former Fairy Tail S-Class Wizard 
Has a rivalry with Edo Lucy 
Team Shadow Gear's Fastest again 
Edo Jet's partner 
Defense Minister of the Royal City in Edolas 
Assistant of Edolas Byro 
One of the Commanders in the Royal Army in Edolas 
The Commander with the Rosa Espada!! 
Phantom Lord
Guild Master, and the one who started the Phantom Lord v Fairy Tail Inter-Guild War 
Rainbow Fire, The Flame Element of the 4. 
Uses Drains, and Wind Magic, The Air Element of the 4. 
Fairy Tail
Father of Makarov, partner of Warrod and Precht 
Wizard Saints
The Four Strongest Wizards in the Continent (use the number) 
Fairy Tail
Memory manipulator, teleporter, and legit Fairy Tail wizard 
Thunder Legion's Dark Écriture and Enchantment Caster 
Fairy Magic, Petrifier, and Elfman's one and only 
The man with the babies! (This is obvious) 
The wind magic user, who fought Natsu with Natsu's clothes off 
The man supposed to use the Lullaby, but the Guildmasters stopped him 
Grimoire Heart
The 2nd Fairy Tail Guild Master, and Guild Master of Grimoire Heart 
Fire God Slayer 
Arc of Embodiment user, last remaining member 
Held Capricorn hostage 
The guy who has Mr. Cursey 
Crime Sorciere
Former Magic Council Member 
Ur's daughter 
Ultear's apprentice, uses Sensory Links, and Maguilty Sense 
Wally's Older Brother, former Oracion Seis member 
Brain's son, and former Oracion Seis member 
Poison Dragon Slayer 
Yukino's older sister 
Uses Slowing Magic 
Lamia Scale
Ur's student, uses dynamic Ice-Make magic 
Doll Magic 
Sherry's cousin, and the Sky God Slayer 
One of the Ten Wizard Saints 
The dog-man who uses Paralyzing Claws 
Wave, Magic Dispelling Spells 
The old hag 
White Dragon Slayer, and incumbent master 
Shadow Dragon Slayer 
Celestial Wizard, has 2 Golden Gate Keys 
Lightning God Slayer 
White Dragon Slayer's companion 
Shadow Dragon Slayer's companion, often wears a frog suit 
Memory-Make Wizard, Gray's rival in the GMG 
Jiemma's daughter and Territory User 
Quattro Cerberus
Guildmaster, former member of Team Makarov 
Master of the Drunken Palm Technique, and S-Class Wizard 
The Drill n Rock user, spinning body parts to enhance melee 
Check this pun: Battle Tears 😂  
Raven Tail
The son of Makarov, and the father of Laxus 
Uses mimicry magic 
The one who attacked Wendy and Carla 
The one who keeps on attacking Gray in 'Hidden' 
Mermaid Heel
Simon's younger sister, out for revenge against Jellal 
Was in the same pain as Erza Scarlet, and is obsessed with Cats 
The Southern-like girl who uses Veggie Magic... hm. 
The woman who taught Kagura how to use Gravity Cahnge magic 
The woman who has that accent 
Sylph Labyrinth
The treasure hunter sniper 
The treasure hunter hammerman 
The treasure hunter swordsman 
Gray's father now deceased 
The Etherious demon with the curse of pain 
Demon with the curse of Explosive Touch 
Demon with the curse of Thorns, and Second Tartaros Master 
Demon with the curse of Absolute Control 
Demon with the curse of Absorption 
Demon with the curse of Poisonous Water 
Demon with the curse of Natural Disasters (which actually allows him to summon these with words) 
The demon who multiplies when their HQ gets blown to bits by Natsu 
The Master of Tartaros 
First opponent which Wendy activates her Dragon Force 
Hungry Wolf Knight. The leader, who uses two Reaper-like axes 
Hungry Wolf Knight. The one who utilizes Paper Blizzard 
Hungry Wolf Knight. The one who utilizes flowers at her behest 
Hungry Wolf Knight. Acid user 
Hungry Wolf Knight. The one who uses Terrain Effect magic 
The Colonel who would give his life for the kingdom 
Defense Minister of Fiore 
King of Fiore 
Princess of Fiore 
Other Fairy Tail
Notorious for not taking a job at ALL 
Obsessed with dancing 
Sand Magic user which is not Scorpio 
Painter, and uses pictogram Magic 
Guns Magic user 
Requip user, though it requips the guns 
The Connells' daughter 
Medicinal Advisor 
Blue Pegasus
The guildmaster. Nothing ELSE to talk about, he is... once a Fairy Tail member 
Archive user 
Wind Magic user 
Snow Magic user 
Machina Soul user 
What a parfum... MEN! 
The exceed countepart of Ichiya 
Fire Dragon King 
Dragon King 
Sky Dragon 
Iron Dragon 
White Dragon 
Shadow Dragon 
Jade Dragon 
Hellfire Fire Dragon, creator of Sun Village 
Adamantine-bodied Dragon 
Time Traveler
The one who stopped Future Rogue from manipulating Natsu to summon dragons from the Eclipse 
The one who planned the whole Dragon Assault 

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