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Can you name the Ash's Pokemon?

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TypePokemonRegion Introduced/Extra Data
ElectricKanto/Stays out of Pokeball
Grass/GroundSinnoh/A bit goofy
Fire/FightingSinnoh/Somewhat unsure of itself
Dragon/GroundSinnoh/Likes to eat
GrassHoenn/Loves a Meganium
GroundJohto/A bit silly
WaterHoenn/Likes to thrash
IceHoenn/Took a while to evolve
FireHoenn/A bit of a crybaby
GrassJohto/Has a crush on Ash
WaterJohto/Loves to dance
Bug/FightingJohto/Loves sap
NormalKanto/Sleeps a lot
WaterKanto/Surprisingly evolved
TypePokemonRegion Introduced/Extra Data
PoisonKanto/Loves giving hugs
NormalKanto/Ash has 30 of them
Fire/FlyingKanto/Trains in the ****icific Valley
WaterKanto/Trains with the ******** Squad
Ground/FlyingSinnoh/Training with the Air Battle Master
NormalJohto/Traded to Dawn for #5
Rock/GroundJohto/Reunited it with its mother
Bug/PoisonKanto/Gave it to Casey
Water/IceKanto/Returned it to its family
Normal/FlyingKanto/Guarding Pidgey and Pidgeotto
FightingKanto/Gave to Anthony
Ghost/PoisonKanto/Gave to Sabrina
Bug/FlyingKanto/Set it free to mate
NormalKanto/Traded back and forth with Gentleman
WaterUnova/Has a crush on Ash
FireUnova/Kind of a loner
GrassUnova/Likes using Attract
Dark/FightingUnova/Likes hurting Ash's other Pokemon with Headbutt
Bug/GrassUnova/Has a slight dislike to Ash

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