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Can you name the 5th Generation Pokemon?

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Victory PokemonPsychic/Fire
Grass Snake PokemonGrass
Grass SnakeGrass
Royal PokemonGrass
Fire Pig PokemonFire
Fire Pig PokemonFire/Fighting
Large Fire Pig PokemonFire/Fighting
Sea Otter PokemonWater
Training PokemonWater
Dignity PokemonWater
Lookout PokemonNormal
Precaution PokemonNormal
Puppy PokemonNormal
Faithful Dog PokemonNormal
Generous PokemonNormal
Ill-natured PokemonDark
Cruelty PokemonDark
Grass Monkey PokemonGrass
Thorn Monkey PokemonGrass
High Temperature PokemonFire
Spark PokemonFire
Water Throw PokemonWater
Drainage PokemonWater
Dream Eater PokemonPsychic
Trance PokemonPsychic
Baby Pigeon PokemonNormal/Flying
Wild Pigeon PokemonNormal/Flying
Pride PokemonNormal/Flying
Charged PokemonElectric
Thunder & Lightning PokemonElectric
Mantle PokemonRock
Ore PokemonRock
High Pressure PokemonRock
Bat PokemonPsychic/Flying
Courting PokemonPsychic/Flying
Mole PokemonGround
Deep Earth PokemonGround/Steel
Healing PokemonNormal
Brawny PokemonFighting
Brawny PokemonFighting
Brawny PokemonFighting
Tadpole PokemonWater
Vibration PokemonWater/Ground
Vibration PokemonWater/Ground
Judo PokemonFighting
Sewing PokemonBug/Grass
Leaf Shelter PokemonBug/Grass
Nursing PokemonBug/Grass
Centipede PokemonBug/Poison
Cocoon Centipede PokemonBug/Poison
Mega Centipede PokemonBug/Poison
Cotton Ball PokemonGrass
Secret Wind PokemonGrass
Root PokemonGrass
Flower Ornament PokemonGrass
Violence PokemonWater
Desert Crocodile PokemonGround/Dark
Desert Crocodile PokemonGround/Dark
Menacing PokemonGround/Dark
Daruma Doll PokemonFire
Flaming PokemonFire or Fire/Psychic
Cactus PokemonGrass
Stone Dweller PokemonBug/Rock
Rock Dweller PokemonBug/Rock
Shed Skin PokemonDark/Fighting
Scoundrel PokemonDark/Fighting
Pseudo Bird PokemonPsychic/Flying
Spirit PokemonGhost
Coffin PokemonGhost
Ancient Turtle PokemonWater/Rock
Ancient Turtle PokemonWater/Rock
Oldest Bird PokemonRock/Flying
Oldest Bird PokemonRock/Flying
Garbage Bag PokemonPoison
Dump Site PokemonPoison
Evil Fox PokemonDark
Monster Fox PokemonDark
Chinchilla PokemonNormal
Scarf PokemonNormal
Staring PokemonPsychic
Manipulation PokemonPsychic
Celestial Body PokemonPsychic
Cell PokemonPsychic
Splitting PokemonPsychic
Amplification PokemonPsychic
Water Bird PokemonWater/Flying
Swan PokemonWater/Flying
Kindness PokemonIce
Ice and Snow PokemonIce
Blizzard PokemonIce
Seasonal PokemonNormal/Grass
Seasonal PokemonNormal/Grass
Flying Squirrel PokemonElectric/Flying
Front Row PokemonBug
Cavalry PokemonBug/Steel
Mushroom PokemonGrass/Poison
Mushroom PokemonGrass/Poison
Floating PokemonWater/Ghost
Floating PokemonWater/Ghost
Nursing PokemonWater
Sticky PokemonBug/Electric
Electric Spider PokemonBug/Electric
Thorn-Body PokemonGrass/Steel
Thorn-Ball PokemonGrass/Steel
Gear PokemonSteel
Gear PokemonSteel
Gear PokemonSteel
Electric Fish PokemonElectric
Electric Fish PokemonElectric
Electric Fish PokemonElectric
Brain PokemonPsychic
Brain PokemonPsychic
Candle PokemonGhost/Fire
Lamp PokemonGhost/Fire
Temptation PokemonGhost/Fire
Tusk PokemonDragon
Jaw Horn PokemonDragon
Jaw Horn PokemonDragon
Freezing PokemonIce
Freeze PokemonIce
Crystal PokemonIce
Snail PokemonBug
Shell-less PokemonBug
Trap PokemonGround/Electric
Martial Arts PokemonFighting
Martial Arts PokemonFighting
Cave PokemonDragon
Golem PokemonGround/Ghost
Golem PokemonGround/Ghost
Knife PokemonDark/Steel
Sword Blade PokemonDark/Steel
Headbutt Bull PokemonNormal
Young Eagle PokemonNormal/Flying
Valour PokemonNormal/Flying
Diaper PokemonDark/Flying
Bone Eagle PokemonDark/Flying
Ant-Eater PokemonFire
Iron Ant PokemonBug/Steel
Rude PokemonDark/Dragon
Violence PokemonDark/Dragon
Brutality PokemonDark/Dragon
Torch PokemonBug/Fire
Solar PokemonBug/Fire
Iron Heart PokemonSteel/Fighting
Cavern PokemonRock/Fighting
Savannah PokemonGrass/Fighting
Whirlwind PokemonFlying
Lightning Attack PokemonElectric/Flying
White Yang PokemonDragon/Fire
Black Yin PokemonDragon/Electric
Fertility PokemonGround/Flying
Snow Dragon PokemonDragon/Ice
Water Horse PokemonWater/Fighting
Melody PokemonNormal/Psychic or Normal/Fighting
Paleozoic PokemonBug/Steel

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