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Northanger Abbey
They brought Catherine Morland to Bath. 
Mrs. Allen is impressed by Mr. Tilney because he knows a lot about _______. 
Catherine Morland’s flirtatious friend and one time fiancée of James Morland. 
Author of Udolpho. 
Catherine goes here with John and Isabella Thorpe and James Morland on the day that she is supposed to go on a walk with the Tilneys. 
Henry Tilney’s place of residence. 
Henry Tilney’s occupation. 
James Morland attended university here. 
Eleanor Tilney married this man. 
He wanted to marry Anne before he married Mary. 
Mrs. Clay’s father and Sir Walter’s lawyer. 
Captain Wentworth’s first ship. 
The Musgroves’ son who served under Captain Wentworth. 
Anne advised Captain Bennick to include more of this in his daily study. 
Louisa had her accident in this seaside town. 
When Captain Wentworth returned to get these, he showed Anne where he had hidden his letter to her. 
Anne’s family moved here, against her wishes. 
Number of years that passed between Captain Wentworth and Anne’s broken engagement and when they saw each other again. 
Mansfield Park
This play is (almost) acted out at Mansfield Park. 
Mr. and Miss Crawford come to Mansfield to live with Mrs. Grant, who is this relation to them. 
Sir Thomas and his son Tom travel here. 
Mr. and Miss Crawford’s father Admiral Crawford helps Fanny’s brother William become this. 
She takes the place of Fanny at Mansfield Park. 
Fanny’s family lives here. 
Edmund’s parsonage. 
Julia elopes with this man. 
Maria leaves him for a brief affair with Henry Crawford. 
Sense and Sensibility
Marianne disapproves of the way that Edward does this. 
Elinor’s talent. 
The Dashwoods move to a cottage in this region of England. 
The Dashwood family’s estate. 
Eliza Williams is this in relation to Colonel Brandon. 
Edward is disinherited in favor of him. 
Marianne becomes deathly ill at this estate. 
They have a baby during the course of the book. 
Willoughby marries this woman who has a fortune of 50,000 pounds. 
Colonel Brandon is this old. 
Frank Churchill pretends to be in love with Emma to hide his engagement to this woman. 
When Emma thinks Harriet is in love with Frank Churchill, she is actually in love with this man. 
Emma’s sister who married George Knightley. 
Miss Taylor had this profession before she married Mr. Weston. 
The present of this to Jane Fairfax is a topic of much speculation in Highbury. 
Frank Churchill buys a pair of gloves here as a gesture to the Highbury community. 
Mr. Knightley has a party at which everyone gets to pick these fruits. 
Harriet Smith lives here. 
Frank Churchill saves Harriet from these people. 
Emma discourages Harriet from marrying this man. 
Pride and Prejudice
Town near Mr. Darcy’s estate; also, where Elizabeth’s aunt Gardiner grew up. 
After Mr. Bingley leaves Netherfield, Elizabeth comes up with the idea to send Jane here. 
Mrs. Bennett constantly complains about these. 
The Bennett daughters, especially Kitty and Lydia, often walk to this town. 
Charlotte Lucas’s younger sister who travels with Elizabeth to visit Charlotte in Kent. 
Mr. Collins’s house is divided from Lady Catherine’s estate by only this. 
Mr. Darcy’s cousin. 
Mr. Bingley’s yearly income. 
Wickham was the son of Mr. Darcy Sr.’s this. 
Rosings Park is the estate of whom. 

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