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What is the name of Danny's sister, who also has a pet chimpanzee and dated Joey for two episodes?Too Much Monkey Business, The Devil Made Me Do It
What was the occupation of Danny's girlfriend Cindy?Terror in Tanner Town, Secret Admirer, Happy New Year
Cindy's son Rusty caused a lot of trouble in the Tanner household by writing this and pretending it was from the paperboy Ricky?Terror in Tanner Town
Who tried to buy the Tanner house?A House Divided
What event traumatized Stephanie so much that she had to go to a psychologist?Aftershocks
What was the last name of D.J.'s boyfriend Steve?Multiple episodes
What was the part that Michelle wanted in the first grade play and that Derek actually received?The Play's the Thing
What was the part that Jesse and Joey ended up creating for Michelle in that play?The Play's the Thing
How many times was the Tanner kitchen destroyed?The Apartment, Honey, I Broke the House
What was the name of D.J.'s wealthy boyfriend in the last season?Comet's Excellent Adventure, I've Got a Secret, D.J.'s Choice, Taking the Plunge
Who did Kimmy Gibbler almost marry in the last season?Taking the Plunge
Where did Stephanie meet her friend Mickey?Fast Friends
What did Jesse do on his wedding day?The Wedding (Part 1)
When Danny’s wedding ring went down the drain, what did D.J. attach bubble gum to in order to get it out?Triple Date
Who was Stephanie’s beloved stuffed animal?Multiple episodes
What did Michelle rename Mr. Bear?Three Men And Another Baby
Where did Michelle’s friend Teddy move to?The Long Goodbye
What popular cartoon character incited Michelle, Denise, and their friends to protest at the mall when they were unhappy with their toys?The Day of the Rhino
What was the name of Joey’s kids show?Multiple episodes
Joey’s comedy routine based on what movie made Corinna fall in love with him?Jesse's Girl
What camp did D.J., Stephanie, Michelle, Denise, and Steve attend?It Was a Dark and Stormy Night
Where did D.J. and Steve break up?Love on the Rocks
Where did D.J. and Steve start dating?Come Fly with Me
Who did Kimmy kiss during a game of spin the bottle at D.J. 13th birthday party?13 Candles
What do Michelle, Nicky, and Alex share?Multiple episodes
What was the theme of Michelle’s fifth birthday party?Happy Birthday, Babies
Danny gets jealous when Becky gets promoted to what position?The ________
What is the name of Jesse’s first band on the show?Multiple episodes
What is the name of Jesse’s second band on the show?Multiple episodes
Jesse's first band has the number one single in what country?Road to Tokyo
What is the name of Jesse's first band's hit single?Captain Video
Where does Danny propose to Vicky?The House Meets the Mouse (Part 2)
How does Danny propose to Vicky?The House Meets the Mouse (Part 2)
What is the Tanners’ address?Multiple episodes
What is Jesse’s birth name?The Legend of Ranger Joe
Who is Jesse’s con artist cousin who visits from Greece?Kissing Cousins
D.J. and Sylvio get married by walking around what piece of furniture?Greek Week
What is the name of Jesse’s club?_____ Club: The Next Generation
What is Full House’s theme song?Multiple episodes
What is D.J.’s first choice college?Taking The Plunge
What famous game show hostess appears in D.J.’s nightmare on the eve of taking her SAT?The Test
Who breaks Stephanie’s nose?Mr. Egghead
What is the name of Stephanie’s band in the last season?We Got the Beat
Who is D.J.’s date for senior prom?Prom Night
Who is the PTA president who has a crush on Joey?To Joey, With Love

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