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Can you name the Top 20 Prescription Drugs (2011)?

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Generic NameIndicationsDosing Instructions
Hydrocodone Bitartrate Acetominophen1-2 q 4-6h prn pain
Oxycodone HCl Acetominophen1-2 q 4-6h prn pain
Azithromycin100mg-250mg qd
Amoxicillin250mg-500mg tid
Metoprolol Succinate47.5mg-190mg qd
Metoprolol Tartrate100mg-450mg qd divided
Atenolol50mg-100mg qd
Amlodipine2.5mg-10mg qd
Lisinopril10mg qd
Simvastatin5mg-80mg q hs
Generic NameIndicationsDosing Instructions
Levothyroxine Sodium25mcg-300mcg qd
Prednisone5mg-60mg qd
Zolpidem5mg-10mg q hs
Sertraline HCl50mg-200mg qd
Furosemide20mg-80mg single or divided
Atorvastatin Calcium10mg-80mg
Omeprazole20mg qd for 4-8 weeks
Metformin HCl500mg-850mg bid to tid
Alprazolam0.25mg-1mg tid
Hydrochlorothiazide25mg-200mg qd, 25mg-100mg qd or divided

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