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Can you name the Video Game Villains by Haiku?

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This was a triumph./We did a lot of science./I'm dead, you monster.
You've faced 'me junior'/And you've faced all seven kids./Princess Peach is mine!
Triforce of Power,/The last piece of the puzzle./Now Hyrule is mine!
Meteor summoned,/I'll become one with Lifestream - /A one-winged angel.
Your soul is mine now!/I made a deal with Quan-Chi - /Deadly alliance.
Jim's love can't save me./Pulse beats with heart of the swarm - /I'm the Queen of Blades
Boss of space pirates./She waits, floating in a jar./The baby killed me.
Eevee, my starter./Gramps can't remember my name - /Please don't name me 'Balls.'
Welcome to Rapture,/Underwater paradise,/The plasmid nightmare.
Cheap Mario clone./Yellow and purple, his garb./Fat little monster.

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