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Who is the main character?
Where does he live?
Who is the narrator?
What year was the book published?
What color is Gatsby's car?
What color are said car's seats?
Who is Nick's cousin?
Who is Tom Buchanan's wife?
Where did Gatsby meet Daisy?
What wealthy man took Gatsby as an 'apprentice'?
Where did Gatsby die?
Who shot Gatsby?
Who was Tom's mistress? (one of...)
What gift did Tom get Myrtle?
How was the weather when Daisy and Gatsby reunited?
Who crashedhis/her car at Gatsby's party?
Where does Gatsby say he went to college?Where does Gatsby say he went tocollege?
How much money was Gatsby supposed to inherit from Dan Cody?
Where did Gatsby really go to college?
What was Gatsby's job at the college?
What college did Nick attend?
Who does Nick become romantically involved with?
What sport does she compete in?
Who is shocked that Gatsby's books are real?
Who supposedly fixed the 1919 World Series?
Who asks for his/her tennis shoes back after Gatsby's death?
What is Gatsby's real name?
In what state was Gatsby born?
In which war did Nick and Gatsby fight?
What body part of Myrtle's gets broken at the apartment?
Who breaks it?
What is the name of F. Scott Fitzgeald's wife?
Where do the Wilsons live?
Near which city does most of the novel take place?
How old did Nick turn when he almost didn't realize it was his birthday?
What does Tom claim Gatsby is?
What is the name of Gatsby's father?
What does Gatsby knock over at Nick's house?
'what a grotesque thing a ____ is'
The eyes of Doctor T.J. Eckleberg are what?
Of what does Gatsby's father proudly keep a picture?
As new acquaintances, what does Gatsby invite Nick to ride on?
What is the name of Myrtle's sister?
Who lives in the apartment below Tom's NYC apartment?

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