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Can you name the The Strokes Songs Without The Name In The Lyrics?

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'Leaving just in time'
'Why won't you wear your trench coat'
'Let's suck more blood'
'Had his second kid'
'I come together in the middle of the night'
'You're in the strange part of this town'
'It's just a phase'
'I don't need nobody'
'Always thinking about yourself'
'Only seven that you like'
'They die so swiftly'
'I'm not you, we could have'
'Don't be a coconut'
'All the words from that song I heard yesterday'
'It was all just a dream'
'How disappointed would D.I.D.I.P.P. be'
'And all the guys were dressed the same'
'Wearing a jacket made of meat'
'They sacrificed their lives'
'One gives life, and one makes you kill'
'Get off the same floor'
'Diamond cuts her eye'
'I can hardly sit'
'Without quick tears in his eyes'
'I wanna be somebody'
'What's the point'
'Gotta get my hands on something new'
'Why don't you close the blinds for the night'
'Don't judge me'
'The next generation will forget'
'Run down your face'
'Shake it off 500,000 times'
'Can I stand in your light'
'You don't have to be so loud'
'I don't know geography that well'
'Wall Street'
'You don't have time to play with me anymore'
'I'm not gonna change'
'Arriving just in time to see the earth destroyed'
'Dime in hand'
'As a child I overheard'
Run, run, run

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