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Can you name the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Missions?

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Camp out in a restaurant, take some anti air missles from a gas station
Drive a boat, trow a knife into the eye of evil
Use your alpine climbing skills to infiltrate an airbase
Utilize your old cross country team skills to capture Rojas
Rescue prisoner #627 from the Russians
Sneak past dog patrols with Price to steal some nuclear warheads from the Russians
Teach some new recruits how to properly fire a weapon then run The Pit
Escape from Rio De Janeiro
Steal intel from a computer and bring it back to Shepherd
Take back the Washington Mall and destroy some SAM sites
Make your way through an Afghan town full of local millitia
Storm an Oil Rig off the Russian coastline and take it back from Spetsnaz troops
Watch a nuke explode high above earth, make your way toward Whiskey Hotel
Escort Honey Badger through the Arcadia Housing community
Hunt down General Shepherd with Captain Price
Retake Whiskey Hotel, light a signal flare to save it
Penetrate Makarov's inner most fold
Escape the Boneyard, trust no one

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