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Can you name the Kohlberg's 2nd Stage of Moral Understanding?

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The Instrumental Purpose Orientation stage is at what level of understanding?Berk
At the Preconventional Level a child is able to obey conventions however, they don't really understand ______.Notes
A child in this 2nd stage will assume right action as something that will most ________ themselves.Notes
Instrumental Purpose Orientation involves the child viewing right action as coming from their own _______.Berk
Another term Psychology texts use for the word instrumental is _______.Notes
One has to experience _____________ to move on to the next stage.Notes
This question often dictates whether something is right or wrong to a person in this stage.Notes
A child in this stage also comprehends ____________ as an equivalent swap of favors. As in, 'If you do something good for me, I will return the favor.'Berk
True or False : Children at this stage can't understand that everyone can have various perspectives concerning moral dilemma.Berk
Kohlberg's Instrumental Purpose orientation has a relationship with what Cognitive Stage of Piaget?Berk
True or False: The child who takes the gum from his grandma's purse is considered to be in the Instrumental Purpose Orientation stage.Notes
Fulfilling individual desires is a description of what?Berk

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