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LyricSong Title
I **** someone with words, broke a promise.
Now I fall apart at night and dream about our trip
All I wanna say is this could be ok, I don't wanna be a slave
I don't wanna get lost in the ocean
Even if your whisper eats my ear your voice shall be the only song I want to hear
I saw I smelled what he did to you girl
So I had to put you in your place and leave a look of shame upon your face
You're a fallen star, you know not what you are
Is your schedule sufficent tonight you toad?
Today I sat and smoked myself to cancer, thinking bout the dancer at the bar
So now I've crossed the line
Born a slave in 1984 discovered that my life is just a record they conformed
They let us play with markers but I keep trying to draw infinity
God and death are none of my concern, I'm no philosopher
They take advantage of him all the time, their fingers rape his cavities
My people were slaves before yours invented hip hop
Forgive me Moses, Jesus, Allah
Max, I will sell you this Xanax for $5
They can't stitch you silent now or bitch the violence out
You're a pretty face you should like me, I want to get used by you
There must be something wrong with me my mind is just a sickly little alabi
You think your Jesus Christ, You're not my Jesus Christ
You fugly brat
She'll never let me down again so I'll go out and get crunk with my friends
I mean nothing, only nothing, there is nothing I can do about that
Just say Maxim, I love you, I need you and no one will do but you
I don't know what to do if once more I lose you
Hey, this is something I have to do for myself
I can't get laid in this town without these pointy **** shoes
LyricSong Title
Come pollinate me, hey
When I watch you, wanna do you right where you're standing
Again I watch my cousin Greg watch tv inside his home
****, nothing makes sense so I won't think about it
Give me the go ahead and I'll undress myself for you
You're so perfect to please us, you make all the right noise
I can't stop thinking bout what she did wrong to me
When I get to your apartment I climb the rail outside the building
I watched you all succeed with the highest marks in greed
When I go to sleep for good will I be forgiven?
You are a vacuous soldier of the thrift store Gestapo
If I die and go to Hell real soon it will appear to me as this room
Don't you come near me don't you come close to me
Baby, you don't want to make me cry or I will fill you with the emptiness inside
16 names on my list but none of them could ever get me hot like this
You're a problem that I can't abide I could sleep well if only I tried
I wanna rob you of your game face so I can cower beneath your words
Poetry was never this real to me
He said I bare no blame for this I only share his name
Life is not a spark in space, and episode of Will & Grace
You left me naked, pining, whining on your bathroom floor
So beautiful the ugliness within you
There are babies with guns beheading their friends in shopping malls around the world
I started shedding slutty girls like snake skin
Who sets presidents up to farm oil?
When I face the one who made my disgusting heart from a lump of clay
There's no peace, there's no quiet on this Earth
Don't care what I think, you think I care
Can I lie with you in your grave?

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