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What does prenatal development start with ?
What is the earliest stage of prenatal development?
In which stage of prenatal development do brain cells multiply ?
What drug do babies get addicted to at birth if mom is addicted?
What disease causes babies to have a small head ?
What is a cross-sectional study ?
What is the cephalocaudal motor development trend ?
What is the proximodistal motor development trend ?
What happens at one month in the developmental norm ?
What age is temperment established by ?
How does a difficult child act according to Thomas and Chess?
Who determines the level of attachment, mother or child ?
What is an anxious-ambivalent attachment ?
What is the authoritative parent ?
What stage is associated with weaning according to Freud ?
Which of freuds stage can contribute to sexual anxiety ?
In which of Freud's stages do childen not want erotic pleasure ?
What age is the personality foundation developed by according to Freud ?
In which stage of Freuds do children self induce erotic pleasure ?
when do children development intimate relationships in Freud's stages ?

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