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Competition between organisms of same species
Recolonisation of an area after early community has been removed or destroyed
Ecological factor that makes up part of the living environment of an organism e.g. predation
Range or variety of living organisms within a particular area
All the conditions required for an organisms to survive reproduce and maintain a viable population
Progresive colonisation of bare rock or other barren terrain for the first time in a specific area
Total number of alleles in a particular population at a specific time
Incorporation of nitrogen gas into organic nitrogen-containing compounds
Microorganisms that convert ammonium compounds to nitrates and nitrates
The total mass of living material of a given area at a specific time, usually measured in dry mass as water in variable in an organism
Organisms that make up the final stage of ecological succession
Consequence of an increase in nutrients esp. nitrates and phosphates in fesh water lakes + rivers which often lead to reduction in biodiversity
A self contained functional unit made up of all the biotic and abiotic factors in a specific area
Organisms of all species that live in the same area
Copetition between organisms of different species
Connected to the absence of oxygen, this type of respiration releases energy without presence of oxygen
Orgamism that obtains its food from the dead or decaying remains of other organisms
Place where an organism lives which is characterised by physical conditions and presence of other species
An ecological factor that makes up part of a non biological enviornment of an organism e.g. temperature
Method of maintaining ecosystems and the living organisms that occupy them
Groups of individuals of sme species that occupy the same habitat at the same time
Variable that limits rate of chemical reaction
Bacteria that convert nitrates to nitrogen gas as part of the nitrogen cycle

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