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sytematically recorded information
the cases we actually examine in seeking to understand the much larger population
holds information about the same characteristic for many cases
this gives the possible values of the variable and the relative frequency of each value
this type of chart is also a food
when the conditional distribution of one variable is the same for each category
a region of the distribution where there are no values
the place in the distribution of a variable that you would point to if you wanted to attempt to summarize the distribution with a number
a distribution that is roughly flat is said to be
when each side of the center looks equal
extreme values that don't appear to belong with the rest of the data
middle value; half the data above, half below
difference between first and third quarters
square root of the variance
square of the standard deviation
displays the five number summary as the central box with whiskers
when a point is more than 3.0 IQR from either end of the box in a box plot
value found by subtracting the mean and dividing by the standard deviation
tells how many standard deviations a value is from the mean
a useful family of models for unimodal, symmetric distributions
shows the relationship between two quantitative variables measured on the same cases
variable other than x and y that simultaneously affects both variables
an equation or formula that simplifies and represents reality
equation of a line
value given in 'y units per x units'
y value when x is 0
when we know the possible values an outcome can have, but not which particular value it takes
models a real world situation by using random digit outcomes to mimic the uncertainty of a response variable of interest
sequence of several components representing events that we are pretending will take place
the entire group of individials about whom we hope to learn
any systematic failure of a sampling method to represent its population
the number of individuals in a sample
a sample that consists of the entire population
an individual associated with an experiment who is not aware of how subjects have been allocated to treatment groups
a treatment known to have no effect, adminstered so that all groups experience the same conditions
represented by a number between 0 and 1 that reports the likelihood of that event's occurrence
two events that share no outcomes
the best stat teacher ever

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