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Can you name the Office episodes written by BJ Novak?

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Quote or theme from the episodename of episode
Chris Rock Routine
'I am so used to fighting corporate that I forget I am corporate—upper management. They hooked me up with an attorney—to protect me. You can't be too careful about what you say
Dwight sulks in his car blasting 'Everybody Hurts'
The warehouse decides to form a union, girls have girl talk
Ryan goes on his first sales call with Dwight
Michael almost kills himself pretending to kill himself
Andy can't remember how this jingle ends, 'Break me off a piece of that - - -'
This episode ends with Michael and Dwight singing 'American Pie'
Office debate over if Hillary Swank is hot, while Dwight and Michael go undercover to their competition
In this episode we find Ryan at the bowling alley and Pam re-thinks her decision to join Michaels new paper company
Andy and Erin try to hide their relationship, Pam sets Michael up with a friend.

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