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“They Will Never, Eeeeeever!, Be the Same, Again!”
i am the best in the world
Oh you didn't know!
Hustle, Loyalty, Respect
Can you dig it sucka
“And If You’re Not Down with That We Got Two Words for Ya! SUCK IT!”
watcha gonna do when hulkamania runs wild on you.
'We the people'
The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
this is one hell of a slobberknocker.
It's not showing off if you can't back it up
Believe that
I am the Heartbreak kid
Feed me more
Welcome to the hall of pain
I am the lunatic fringe
Now for the benefit of those with flash photography
Lil' Jimmy
When we say UCE ya'll say O
'Oh yeah'
i am the game and i am that damn good.
The people's champion
Wu Wu Wu you know it
Believe in the shield
The dead man
the big red machine

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