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In a mammalian kidney, the cooperative action and precise arrangement of the loops of Henle and the collecting ducts are largely responsible for what?
The countercurrent-like characteristics of the loop of Henle and the vasa recta make it easer to maintain the seep osmotic gradient between the_______ and the _____.
The walls of the atria of the heart release ANF in response to an increase in what?
The collecting duct is permeable to water but not _____
Henle maintains a high salt concentration in the interior of the kidney, whey enables the kidney to form what?
What are the functions of the renal artery and the renal vein
How large is a human kidney?
What is the name of a hormone which is important in regulating water imbalance
How much percent of a human's body weight do kidneys account for?
what are the three regions of the nefron?
What is a nephron?
What is the duct through which urine exits the kidney called?
What are the two types of nephrons?
What is the purpose of the distal tubule?
What does angiotensin II do?
What is the hormone ANF?
Explain the filtration of blood
is the tissue juxtaglomerular apparatus and what does it do?
How does alcohol affect regulation of water balance in he body?
5) What is the osmotic gradient that enables the kidney to produce urine that is hyperosmotic to the blood?

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