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Can you name any year in which these events took place?

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Frasier won the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series?5
A US President named Johnson was in office?12
The Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl?6
A Clint Eastwood film was nominated for a Best Picture Oscar?5
A current US Supreme Court Justice was named?9
The Chicago Bulls won the NBA championship?6
A state joined the union in the 20th century?3
The US hosted the Olympics?7
A Harry Potter book was published (in the UK)?7
A South American team won the World Cup?9
A monarch from the House of Windsor was crowned in the UK?3
A Brit won the Best New Artist Grammy?7
An African country joined the UN after 1945?20
A US President left office (other than assassination or end of term)?5
Elizabeth Taylor got married?8
A black actor or actress won any acting Oscar?12
The US formally declared war?6
There was an NHL Lockout or Strike?7
The Red Hot Chili Peppers released a studio album?10
A country joined the Eurozone?8

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