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QUIZ: Can you name the Random Objects by short description?

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Short Description Object
Yellow Fruit
Yellow Dairy
Brown and Creamy
Goes with ^
Pumpkin ___, Apple ___, Cherry ___
Red furry guy from a children's show
Five sides, shape
Wears a headband
A round sweet food with a whole in the middle
Yummy with Pepperoni
Wear on your feet
Also Wear on your feet
You make smores with these
On hot dogs
also on hot dogs
Cucumber like thing
Eat this at noon
Purple Fruit
Found in a carton
Has eyes and is brown
Red thing that makes sauce
Brown, white, brown.... cookie
Short Description Object
A sheer face of rock
Cheese and ________
Lowest or highest card in cards
Talk on this to people far away
What you see out of
A red substance that you need
Named after Theodore Roosevelt
You feed this to fish
You feed fish food to this
Ruff Ruff!
Animal that can be a pet, furry, starts with f.
Mexican dog breed
Orange vegetable
Orange vegetable
A kind of ball

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