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(Give the equation) pH =
The dalton is equivalent to the _______, another unit for masses of atoms and subatomic particles.
What is the dense core that is at the center of an atom?
NaCl is a _______, and the type of bond is an ______ __
The atomic number is the number of _______ in an atom.
Water is a ____ molecule because the oxygen part of the molecule has a partial ______ charge and the hydrogens have a partial _____ charge
To calculate the number of neutrons, subtract the atomic number from the _______
H+ is a _____ and NO3- is an _____
Carbon-14, carbon-13, and carbon-12 are all _____ of carbon.
The two types of covalent bonds are:
One calorie is equivalent to _____ J
Radioactive isotopes are useful for:
A bond in which a pair of valence electrons are shared by two atoms
The _____ ____ of a substance is the amount of heat required to change the temperature by 1 celsius degree for 1 g of a substance
An element required in only small quantities by an organism is a ____ element
Sodium, magnesium, aluminum, and argon all have _____ shells
The four properties of water are: ________, _______, _________, and _________
______ _____ is a type of energy that matter possesses because of its location or structure
A _______ is a substance that consists of two or more different elements that are always combined in a set ratio
A _____ is a substance that minimizes changes in the concentration of hydroxide and hydrogen ions in a solution
A _____ is a compound consisting only of carbon and hydrogen and has the formula CnH2(n + 1), where n is an integer
Isomers that have the same covalent partnerships but differ in the spatial arrangements
Glycine has a carboxyl group as well as an _____ group
Hydroxyl, carbonyl, carboxyl, amino, sulfhydryl, and phosphate are all _______
What is the female sex hormone?
These types of isomers differ in the covalent arrangements of their atoms
______ is an organic phosphate that is the primary energy-transferring molecule in a cell
Methanol, ethanol, and pentanol are all _____
The ______ _____ is a carbon atom that is joined to an oxygen atom by a double bond
The _______ structure is the one involved solely on the unique sequence of amino acids.
Amino acids are organic molecules possessing both _______ and amino groups.
______ is why the white of an egg becomes opaque during cooking.
A protein consists of one or more ________, or polymers of amino acids, folded and coiled into specific formations.
Monomers are connected by a reaction where two molecules are covalently bonded together through the loss of a ______ molecule
______ is the most common monosaccharide and is of central importance in the chemistry of life
_____ bond is the covalent bond between two amino acid units, formed by a dehydration reaction.
A fat is constructed from two kinds of smaller molecules: glycerol and ___ acids
Polymers are dissembled to monomers by _____, a process that means to break with addition of water molecules
The polysaccharide ______ is a major component of the tough walls that enclose plant cells
The arrangement in which the two sugar-phosphate backbones in DNA run in opposite 5' --> 3' directions from each other is referred to as
_____ , a steroid, is a common component of animal cell membranes and is a crucial molecule in animals
DNA and RNA both belong to a class of compounds known as

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