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Forced Order
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HintDisney CharacterDisney Movie
My job is to follow you around and make sure you're on solid ground. To tell you right from wrong, my job is all day long.
I spew fire deep from my lungs to protect China from the Huns. Although I was not first choice, a great actor does my voice!
I fly at night, I'm a sorcerer's delight. I helped an 11 year old get the feelin, why he even became the King of England!
I'm new to the house, so my friend makes me a green blouse. Tonight she must look her best. I helped alongside others while making her dress.
I am trying to sleep out in France. Squeaky boots aren't giving me the chance. Instead I'll wear my bowler cap, rest my eyes and take a nap.
Oh it's a dog day afternoon. I hope tonight comes soon. I can't wait to show you I'm a winner. Unlike the other scoundrels, I'll even share my dinner
I live inside a monster with my master. Our rescue isn't coming any faster. It looks like we're trapped without a prayer. Good thing I have nine lives to spare.
I go on adventures some dangerous, all fun. My best friend is a mischievious one. We fly around all day loving it lots, Passing the time thinking of happy thoughts.
HintDisney CharacterDisney Movie
I am from a mysterious wonder. You are safe with me under. Some call me Persian some call me shag. Whatever you do, don't call me a rag.
I can hiss until you are sleepy, my looks to some are creepy. It is a true prediction, that the jungle is under constriction.
My mask is appropriate for my task. I battle a pug for his treat. I won't stop til I reach defeat
I reside in the ocean with my best friend. Our friendship sees no end. I may follow her around like a puppy. But I am still in no way a guppy!
I scamper through the roses, or in the tulips where I take my dozes. You are welcome to visit my dwelling, as long as you don't mind me smelling.
I hope that today is the day. My time in this castle ticks away. Hopefully soon we'll be free. And my hands won't be stuck at 9 and 3.
My work is to serve as the king's advisor, but evil work is raising higher. I must quit monkeying around, the rightful king is prideland bound.

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