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Can you name the Sochi 2014 Olympic gold medallists?

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Men's DownhillAustria
Men's SlalomAustria
Men's Giant SlalomUnited States
Men's Super-GNorway
Men's Super CombinedSwitzerland
Women's DownhillSlovenia/Switzerland*
Women's SlalomUnited States
Women's Giant SlalomSlovenia
Women's Super-GAustria
Women's Super CombinedGermany
Biathlon Men's 20km IndividualFrance
Biathlon Men's 10km SprintNorway
Biathlon Men's 12.5km PursuitFrance
Biathlon Men's 15km Mass StartNorway
Biathlon Men's 4x7.5km RelayN/A
Biathlon Women's 15km IndividualBelarus
Biathlon Women's 7.5km SprintSlovakia
Biathlon Women's 10km PursuitBelarus
Biathlon Women's 12.5km Mass StartBelarus
Biathlon Women's 4x6km RelayN/A
Biathlon Mixed 2x6km + 2x7.5km RelayN/A
Two-Man BobsleighRussia
Four-Man BobsleighN/A
Women's BobsleighCanada
X-Country Men's 15km ClassicSwitzerland
X-Country Men's 30km SkiathlonSwitzerland
X-Country Men's Sprint FreeNorway
X-Country Men's 50km Mass Start FreeRussia
X-Country Men's Team Sprint ClassicFinland
X-Country Men's 4x10km RelayN/A
X-Country Ladies' 10km ClassicPoland
X-Country Ladies' 15km SkiathlonNorway
X-Country Ladies' Sprint FreeNorway
X-Country Ladies' 30km Mass Start FreeNorway
X-Country Ladies' Team Sprint ClassicNorway
X-Country Ladies' 4x5km RelayN/A
Men's CurlingN/A
Women's CurlingN/A
Men's Figure SkatingJapan
Ladies' Figure SkatingRussia
Pairs Figure SkatingRussia
Ice DanceUnited States
Team Figure SkatingN/A
Men's MogulsCanada
Men's AerialsBelarus
Men's Ski CrossFrance
Men's Ski HalfpipeUnited States
Men's Ski SlopestyleUnited States
Ladies' MogulsCanada
Ladies' AerialsBelarus
Ladies' Ski CrossCanada
Ladies' Ski HalfpipeUnited States
Ladies' Ski SlopestyleCanada
Men's Ice HockeyN/A
Women's Ice HockeyN/A
Luge Men's SinglesGermany
Luge Women's SinglesGermany
Luge DoublesGermany
Luge Team RelayN/A
Nordic Combined Individual NHGermany
Nordic Combined Individual LHNorway
Nordic Combined Team LHN/A
Short Track Men's 500mRussia
Short Track Men's 1000mRussia
Short Track Men's 1500mCanada
Short Track Men's 5000m RelayN/A
Short Track Ladies' 500mChina
Short Track Ladies' 1000mSouth Korea
Short Track Ladies' 1500mChina
Short Track Ladies' 3000m RelayN/A
Men's SkeletonRussia
Women's SkeletonGreat Britain
Ski Jumping Men's NHPoland
Ski Jumping Men's LHPoland
Ski Jumping Men's TeamN/A
Ski Jumping Ladies' NHGermany
Men's Parallel Giant SlalomRussia
Men's Parallel SlalomRussia
Men's Snowboard CrossFrance
Men's Snowboard HalfpipeSwitzerland
Men's Snowboard SlopestyleUnited States
Ladies' Parallel Giant SlalomSwitzerland
Ladies' Parallel SlalomAustria
Ladies' Snowboard CrossCzech Republic
Ladies' Snowboard HalfpipeUnited States
Ladies' Snowboard SlopestyleUnited States
Speed Skating Men's 500mNetherlands
Speed Skating Men's 1000mNetherlands
Speed Skating Men's 1500mPoland
Speed Skating Men's 5000mNetherlands
Speed Skating Men's 10000mNetherlands
Speed Skating Men's Team PursuitN/A
Speed Skating Ladies' 500mSouth Korea
Speed Skating Ladies' 1000mChina
Speed Skating Ladies' 1500mNetherlands
Speed Skating Ladies' 3000mNetherlands
Speed Skating Ladies' 5000mCzech Republic
Speed Skating Ladies' Team PursuitN/A

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