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QUIZ: Can you name the Irregular German verbs 2 (Past Part.)?

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InfinitivePast ParticipleEnglish
schaffento create
scheinento shine
schiebento push
schießento shoot
schlafento sleep
schlagento hit
schließento close
schneidento cut
schreibento write
schreiento scream
schweigento be silen
schwimmento swim
sehento see
seinto be
sendento send
singento sing
sinkento jump
sitzento sit
sollento be supposed to
sprechento speak
springento jump
InfinitivePast ParticipleEnglish
steckento stick
stehento stand
stehlento steal
steigento rise
sterbento die
stoßento encounter
tragento carry
treffento meet
tretento step
trinkento drink
tunto do
vergessento forget
verlierento lose
wachsento grow
waschento wash
werdento become
werfento throw
wissento know
wollento want
ziehento pull

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