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QUIZ: Can you name the Irregular German verbs (Past Part.) 1?

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InfinitivePast ParticipleEnglish
befehlento command
beginnento begin
bietento offer
bittento ask
bleibento remain
brechento break
bringento bring
denkento think
dürfento be allowed
empfehlento recommend
essento eat
fahrento go, drive
fallento fall
fangento catch
findento find
fliegento fly
fressento eat
frierento freeze
gebento give
gehento go, walk
geschehento happen
greifento grasp
habento have
InfinitivePast ParticipleEnglish
haltento hold
hängento hang
heißento be called
helfento help
kennento know (people)
kommento come
könnento can
ladento load
lassento let
laufento run
leihento borrow
lesento read
liegento lie, rest
lügento lie
mögento like
müssento have to
nehmento take
nennento call
ratento advise
reißento rip
rennento run
riechento smell
rufento shout

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