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definition wordrelated artwork
parts of buildings that project outward from the rest- add interestChateau of Versailles
distorted image that must be viewed at a certain angle to be recognizedThe French Ambassadors
an open air public spaceSt. Peter's Basilica
Using violent contrasts of light and dark to emphasize shadows and lightness Calling of St. Matthew
Engraving in which the design is incised in a layer of wax on a metal plate then dipped in acidThe Three Crosses
Box with a small opening through which an inverted image is projected from outside the box onto the opposite interior wallWoman Holding a Balance
Decorative art period that started in France around 1700 during reign of Louis XV. Characterized by opulence, asymmetry, grace, and light palette of colors.Salon de la Princessa of the Hotel de Soubise
Spacious and formal rooms used for entertainingSalon de la Princessa of the Hotel de Soubise
Extended European tours to Italy/Rome as part of classical education for aristocratic youthThe Doge's Palace and the Riva degli Schiavoni
Aesthetic concept with rustic landscapes and crumbling buildings; taste for the familiar; 'picture like' qualities of a landscapeThe Park at Stourhead
Style inspired by archaeological discoveries in Greece and Rome; linear and symmetrical; teach a lesson Jasperware Vase with Apotheosis of Homer
Style that emphasizes the emotional, dramatic, or exotic; right to individual expressionThe Nightmare
Expression of awe-inspiring grandeur in art. 'Nature's vastness'Slavers Throwing Overboard the Dead and Dying
Studio formed by a master with several apprentices. Master teaches. Jacques Louis David
Idea that European nations were superior to other nationsLarge Odalisque
Periodic social or intellectual gathering of prominent people
Intaglio etching process in which metal plate is sprinkled with resin and placed in acid bath. Acid lightly etches areas not covered in resinThe Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters
Process which produces a direct positive image on a silver-coated copper plateThe Artist's Studio
Making of components that are standardized and factory made that are later assembled during constructionCrystal Palace
Painting that realistically depicts scenes from everyday lifeReturn of the Hunters
King of Spain in the mid 1500s; Spain reached the height of influence of power El Escorial
Poetic Saints who inspired other regular Catholics Burial of Count Orgaz
Practice where people tried to discover how to turn common elements into goldGarden of Earthly Delights
Guild transformed into school; emphasis on tradition and conventionChateau of Versailles
Influential white male Enlightenment thinkers; applied reason to all academic areasPeople- Diderot, Jefferson, Rousseau, Franklin
Characteristics of oriental art or culture appearing in Western culture; fascination with Middle EastLarge Odalisque
Competition in Paris; artist won a trip to study art in RomeThe Swing
Category of art that showed elegant party scenes or fantasy of lovePilgrimage to the Island of Cythera
definition wordrelated artwork
Author of 'A History of Ancient Art' which made Neoclassicism popular. 1st art historian; categorization and classificationJasperware Vase with the Apotheosis of Homer
A gallery for exhibiting artParis Salon
Romanticist thinker; 'feelings over reason'; reason doesn't explain everythingThe Nightmare
Philosopher and social reformer who created socialism and communism work- 'Communist Manifesto'
American landscape artists during the Romantic movement; painted around Hudson River valleyThe Oxbow
Regular, repeated unit of a prefabricated structureCrystal Palace
Wrote 'Antiquities of Athens' which detailed archeological findings in Greece, and helped spearhead the neoclassical movement Altes Museum
Approach to architecture that is more practical than traditional; 'form following function'Houses of Parliament
Took the world's first known photographRoofs of Paris in 1825
Idea of using camera obscura to capture image on a metal plate covered in salts; coined the term 'photograph' The Artist's Studio
In charge of 'remaking Paris' by fixing sewers, widening streets, and making buildings only six stories tall in classical styleThe Opera
Radical political group in Paris; members were parents of Rosa BonheurThe Horse Fair
The smashing/destruction of religious art
Series/row of columns that support roofs or porchesSt. Peter's Basilica
Application of paint in thick masses with well loaded brush or palette knifeRembrandt
Romanticist thinker who believed in the sublime; 'nature is huge, humans are small'The Nightmare
Proclamation by Francis I that provided tolerance of protestants in 1598Francis I
Astronomer, mathematician and physicist
Discover gravity; member of scientific revolution
Pope who helped counter-reformation and redesigned Vatican CitySt. Peter's Basilica
Thinker against Rococo style; founder of modern art criticism; art should 'inspire virtue'The Governess
Group of enlightenment thinkers who were against the Rococo styleThe Governess
Paintings often of expansive city scenes or harbors. Italian for 'view'The Doge's Palace and the Riva degli Schiavoni
Partner of Karl Marx for social reform'Communist Manifesto'
Style with emphasis on harmonious composition of elements that form a 'classical whole'- official style of Academie des Beaux-Arts
French Protestants
Women's rights leaders; Seneca Falls Convention.

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