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Can you name the pairs/sets of brothers who have been selected for the FIFA World Cup?

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Names (1st Appearance)SurnameCountry
Juan, Mario (1930)Argentina
Lucien, Jean (1930)France
Rafael, Francisco (1930)Mexico
Manuel, Felipe (1930)Mexico
Pierre (1930), Raymond (1938)Belgium
Luis (1930), Mario (1950)Mexico
Max, Walter (1934)Switzerland
Mo Heng, Hong Djien (1938)Dutch East Indies
Zlatko, Željko (1950)Yugoslavia
José, Marià (1950)Spain
Andrés (1950), Ignacio (1966)Chile
Alfred, Robert (1954)Austria
Hippolyte, Pieter (1954)Belgium
Chung-Min, Young-Keun (1954)South Korea
Ottmar, Fritz (1954)West Germany
Ernst, Paul (1958)Austria
Ivor, Len (1958)Wales
Mel, John (1958)Wales
Bobby (1958), Jack (1966)England
Eliseo, Emilio (1962)Uruguay
Ivan (1962), Todor (1970)Bulgaria
František, Bohumil (1970)Czechoslovakia
Roger, Guy (1974)Haiti
Fritz, Joseph-Marion (1974)Haiti
Uli, Dieter (1974)West Germany
Rene, Willy (1974)Netherlands
Ignacio (1978), Luis (1986)Mexico
Luc, Marc (1982)Belgium
Viktor, Vyacheslav (1982)USSR
Names (1st Appearance)SurnameCountry
Bernd, Karl-Heinz (1982)West Germany
Zoran, Zlatko (1982)Yugoslavia
François (1982), Leo (1986)Belgium
Thomas (1982), Klaus (1986)West Germany
Sócrates (1982), Raí (1994)Brazil
Franco (1982), Giuseppe (1986)Italy
Khalil, Karim (1986)Iraq
Abdelkrim, Mustafa (1986)Morocco
Rolando (1986), José Luís (1998)Paraguay
Michael (1986), Brian (1998)Denmark
Ibrahim, Hossam (1990)Egypt
Eissa, Ibrahim (1990)UAE
Khalil, Mubarak (1990)UAE
Erwin, Ronald (1990)Netherlands
Richard (1990), Rob (1994)Netherlands
Dragoljub (1990), Branko (1998)Yugoslavia
François Omam, Andre Kana ('90)Cameroon
Frank, Ronald (1994)Netherlands
Jostein (1994), Tore Andre (1998)Norway
Patrick (1994), Daniel (2002)Sweden
Emile, Mbo (1998)Belgium
Marcin, Michal (2002)Poland
Nico, Robert (2002)Croatia
Arouna, Bakari (2006)Côte d'Ivoire
Philipp, David (2006)Switzerland
Kolo, Yaya (2006)Côte d'Ivoire
Edger, Diego (2010)Paraguay
Jérôme, Kevin-Prince (2010)Germany/Ghana
Wilson, Jhony, Jerry (2010)Honduras

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