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Fun FactPresident
First name is Stephen
First President to have a beard in office
Only President from Pennsylvania
First President born in the United States/Not the Colonies
Played Collegiate football at Michigan
Only Unanimously elected president
Had an estate at Gettysburg
Was a haberdasher
His son was also a president
Would write Greek with one hand, and Latin with the other, at the same time
Has a toy bear named after him
His childhood nickname was Bubba
Kept his pet cow, Pauline Wayne, on the White House lawn
His middle name was Gamaliel
First President born west of the Mississippi River
Only Catholic President
Only President born on July 4th
Was a cheerleader in high school.
Only President to have a PHD
Withdrew from University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (Penn)
He is buried in America's largest Mausoleum
Lived in Indonesia
Fun FactPresident
Was kicked out of the Whig Party
Killed a man in a duel
Was a Peanut farmer in Georgia
Grandfather was also President
Last Whig President
He was the last Democratic-Republican President
Was in a movie with a monkey
Sworn into office aboard Air Force 1
First President to have a Christmas tree in the White House
Famous saying was 'Fifty-Four Forty or Fight'
Won his election by 1 electoral vote
Was the Director of the CIA
Had a moustache, sideburns combo, without having a beard
Was the smallest president
Had a dog names Checkers
First person to lose the popular vote and win the election
Was the president on the now defunct $500 bill
Never went to school and was illiterate until age 18
Second President to die in Office
Had many children with his slaves
First president to fly in a plane

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