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Can you name the Silmarillion genealogy?

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The Chieftain of Teleri(Silver Cape)Got married with ainu
His wifeLived in Lorien
Their daughterNightingale
Her first boyfriendMinstrel
Her husdandMortal
Their SonThe Elu's Heir
His wife'Tree Name'
Their children(twins)Got lost in the second Kinslaying
Their daughterBecame a bird
Her husbandThe Mariner
His sailors
The Thingol's brotherLived in Alcvalonde
His daughterThe swan-maiden
Her husbandThe son of Finwe
Their daughterThe Queen of Lothlorien
Their son(Felagund)
Their son(king of Nargothrond)
His DaughterThe lady of Nargothrond
Other sons of swan-maiden
The Thingol's second brother
His son
His son(king of Lothlorien)
Other son

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